Is an Algerian university situated in the wilaya of Oran.   it was called  Oran University Es-Sénia ,In the past. And  it was also created and regarded as an annex of university education in November 1961 and then related to the University of Algiers on April 13, 1965. It became the first Algerian university founded after independence on December 20, 1967.

Oran university  has been one of the most important and largest universities in Algeria, graduating thousands of students every year in all disciplines: science, technology, health, social and human sciences, economics, management, law, letters, languages ​​and arts.

On the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the national liberation war (1954-1962) occasion, the University of Oran was divided into two structures: University Oran 1 - Ahmed Ben Bella [archive] (University of Es-Sénia) and University Oran 2 - Ahmed Benahmed [archive] (University Pole Belgaïd).

University of  Oran 1 has 5 faculties and 2 institutes:

The Institute of Translation (IT)

The Institute of Applied Sciences and Techniques (ISTA)

The Faculty of Exact and Applied Sciences (FSEA)

The Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences (FSNV)

The Faculty of Medical science (FM)

The Faculty of Letters, Arts (FLA)

The Faculty of Humanities and Islamic Sciences (FSHSI)

In terms of infrastructure, these faculties and institutes are divided into 8 campuses:

  • 1- Campus Es-Sénia : General Secretariat , Research laboratories. 
  • 2- Campus Dr. Taleb (Ex. IGMO): FSEA and ISTA
  • 3- Campus ISM (next to CHU Oran): FM
  • 4- Campus of the new Faculty of Medical science (opposite the EHU): FM
  • 5- Campus of the Faculty of Human Sciences (USTO district): FSHSI
  • 6- Campus of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences (Belgaid): FSHSI
  • 7- Campus of the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences (Belgaid): FSNV

This  diversity concerns both graduation (Bachelor) and post-graduation (Master and Doctorate) training, it constitutes a real scientific richness that attracts more and more students. University  of Oran 1 provides training in the three branches of medical science and training in 9 areas out of the 14 of the LMD system with 38 Licenses, 67 Masters and 52 LMD Doctorate specialties. For the 2019-2020 academic year, the university has 24,720 students.

to  make this demand and reach to the expectations which raises in terms of academic training, the University of Oran 1 relies on the experience of its 1,365 teachers.

University training also requires that teaching be supported by intense research activity. the reason for which  the University of Oran 1 strives to consolidate and develop its  appreciable capacities in this area with 69 approved research laboratories

It was Classified by Webometrics[archive] in the  1st rank of Algerian Universities in January 2020.

University of Oran 1 was also recently ranked among the top 1000 by "THE World University Ranking" and 2nd nationally in terms of scientific research indicators.