Discover the university’s 5 campuses
The campuses of Oran1 University offer the university community a pleasant and efficient living environment. At each site, students have access to many local services such as orientation and career integration services, university restaurants, student transportation by university buses, libraries, etc.


Our Community:

- EX CAF Campus

- EX IAP Campus
  • Rector of Oran1 University
  • Vice-rector of Graduate Education, Continuing Education and Diplomas and Graduate Education.
  • Vice-Rector of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation and Communication and Scientific Events.
  • Vice-Rector of Postgraduate Higher Education, University Empowerment and Scientific Research and Post-Graduation Higher Education.


- Campus Mourad Taleb Salim (Ex IGMO)

  • Faculty of Exact & Applied Sciences
  • Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ISTA)
  • The Vice-President for Development, Foresight and Guidance


- Belgaid Campus
  • Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences.
  • Faculty of Arts and Arts.
  • Faculty of Humanities and Islamic Sciences - Department of Islamic Sciences.
  • Translation institute.
- USTO Campus
  • Faculty of Humanities and Islamic Sciences -Department of Humanities
  • Faculty of Medicine

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Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella University

Address: B.P 1524, El M'Naouer -31000 Oran, Algeria